Iranian Student Activist Ahmad Batebi Suffers Second Stroke

UPDATE: Batebi’s wife has been abducted.

Iranian student activist Ahmad Batebi who has been imprisoned since the Student Protests in July 1999 suffered a second stroke this week…

It was known back in December that Ahmad Batebi, the imprisoned student leader in the infamous Ward 209 of Evin Prison, was being detained in the most unspeakable condition; his family, after visiting him in prison, described the status of his health to be extremely worrisome.


Following the sad news from Sunday, Iranian bloggers today are reporting that Ahmad Batebi has suffered a second stroke at Evin Prison…

Student Activist Ahmad Batebi has been in prison for more than 2,774 days.
Via Serendip and Bereft:

Batebi had several seizures on Friday night and was in a coma for a few hours. Yesterday, Batebi had a second brain stroke and was taken to the Evin Prison’s clinic, where doctors began monitoring his condition.

Batebi’s colleagues in prison contacted outside sources to announce that Batebi had a brain stroke on Friday and had spent 3 hours in a coma.

Ahmad Batebi, who was first arrested in the aftermath of the 1999 student uprising, was taken back to jail this summer and lived under deplorable prison conditions. It was reported that prison officials had confiscated and taken away all of Batebi’s personal belongings after his second stroke.

After being discharged from the hospital on Friday, Batebi was first taken to the prison clinic and then to his own cell. But after his second stroke yesterday, he was taken back to the prison clinic. According to his cellmates, Batebi was only half-conscious when he was being transported to the clinic.

Batebi’s doctors believe that he is suffering from numerous physical and mental ailments resulting from harsh prison conditions, and should be treated outside prison.

Bereft has more on Batebi’s condition.

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