Iran Re-Introduces Its Herbal Cure for AIDS

Iran announced again today that scientists had developed a new herbal AIDS cure.

It is similar to the garlic and beetroot method used in South Africa only the Iranians add a bit of “Heavy Water”- deuterium oxide (2H2O)– from their nuclear program to the herbal concoction to help boost the immune system.

Again, Iran announced on Saturday that scientists had concocted a herbal cure for the AIDS virus.
Fars News reports:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- After 7 long years of arduous work, Iranian scientists here on Saturday introduced a herbal medicine which cures Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

“The drug named ‘IMOD’ is completely effective and safe with no proved side effects,” Iran’s Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Training Kamran Bagheri Lankarani said during a ceremony at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Hospital.

The Iranian AIDS drug strengthens immunity system of the patients against HIV and provides a more qualitative life for the affected population.

Mohammad Sa’idi claimed that “Heavy water” – deuterium oxide (2H2O)- along with the herbs was used to treat the AIDS sufferers in Iran.

Iran announces Its Herbal Cure for AIDS Today
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