Iran Produces "Evidence" That US Was Behind Zahedan Blasts!

Update: Charles Johnson notes that this photograph from Fars News is a fraud!

Fars News released a photo (HERE) of the evidence that “terrorists are using US manufactured weapons.” The official pointed out that “the US and Britain intend to create a series of incidents in the southeastern Iranian province similar to what they have already done in Iraq.”

Iranian officials invited representatives from the UN, Human Rights Watch, and other international bodies to witness evidence that the US and Britain were behind the recent terrorist attacks in Zahedan!
(It sounds like they picked the correct groups for their presentation.)

Fars News reported that the US and Great Britain were involved in the bomb blasts in southeastern Iran this month:


Iran on Saturday invited international bodies to send envoys to Tehran to witness documents and other corroborative evidence showing involvement of foreign countries in recent terrorist blasts in the country’s southeastern provincial capital city of Zahedan.

Director General for the political affairs of Sistan and Balouchestan governorate Soltan-Ali Mir told FNA that the US and Britain are behind the recent terrorist attacks in the city of Zahedan, adding, “Washington and London are facing serious challenges as their interests in the Middle-East region have been endangered. Since the Islamic Republic is the main center of anti-US struggles, they are seeking to trouble Iran through a series of challenges, including terrorist attacks and unrests.”

The official invited representatives of the United Nations, Human Rights watch and other international bodies to dispatch envoys to Iran to observe the available documents and proofs substantiating involvement of the Untied States and Britain in the recent terrorist attacks, including the blast and shootout on Wednesday.

Fars News also claim that they discovered a “wide-scale plot hatched by the US for fomenting religious and ethnic conflicts in Iran through assassinating Sunni and tribal leaders.”

Bazteb News reports that they have discovered who was behind the bombings in Zahedan this past week:

A senior official said here Thursday that the Iran Public Resistance Movement-the so-called Jondollah- is a terrorist outfit with links to American and British spy agencies.

In a talk with IRNA, the commander of Sistan-Baluchestan Fatah Police Operational Headquarters, Brigadier General Mohammad Ghaffari said there is evidence, including documents and films, establishing links between the terrorist group and intelligence agencies of the two hostile countries.

“Following the brutal murder of four police officers on February 1, a joint task force comprising police, Basij (volunteer forces) and the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps was formed in Zahedan to dislodge terrorist groups, miscreants and troublemakers.“

Referring to this week’s terrorist bomb attack in this southeastern province in which 11 IRGC members were martyred and 31 others wounded, the general said three main culprits and their supporters were in custody.

“A cache of weapons and a camera which filmed several terrorist operations and bomb attacks, plus a number of documents were confiscated. The evidence we uncovered shows the terrorists had links to intelligence services of the enemy,“ the news agency quoted him as saying.

Ghaffari noted that two terrorist cells and plenty of ammunition, including 80 pounds of TNT and important documents were seized along with 65 suspects with possible links to Wednesday’s terrorist raid.

Kamangir has another photo of American ammunition the regime claims is from southeastern Iran.
Arymehr has much more on the resistance group, “Iranian People Resistance Movement”, than the mainstream news is reporting, including an interview with the group’s leader.

Khamenei also stated today that the “US will Lose in the Middle East.”

Jules Crittenden offers advice to Ahmadinejad’s PR people.

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