Hezbollah Militants Force French Military to Flee


French UN peacekeeping soldiers patrol the Israeli-Lebanese border from the southern Lebanese village of Marun al-Ras on February 8, 2007. UN peacekeepers boosted their presence on the volatile Lebanese-Israeli border after a clash between the armies of both sides, the first such incident in decades. (AFP/Ramzi Haidar)

“Youthful exuberance” overtook Hezbollah militants this weekend…
ADN Kronos surrendered this news today:

Hezbollah militants have forced a unit of French military medics to leave the southern Lebanese town of Marun al-Ras, on the order of the local municipal authorities, sources from the UNIFIL multinational peacekeeping force have told Adnkronos International (AKI). The incident, first reported by Lebanese daily al-Nahar and later confirmed by Hezbollah sources, is the latest indicating growing tension between the UNIFIL troops and Hezbollah.

On Sunday a group of young Hezbollah supporters threw stones at Spanish troops in another village, Balat.

UNIFIL sources have downplayed the incidents describing the one in Marun al-Ras as a “misunderstanding”, and the action of the youths at Balat as “youthful exuberance”.

However, Lebanese sources have told AKI they believe Hezbollah is attempting acts of provocation against UNIFIL because of its presence in southern Lebanon limited militants’ movements.

Update: Via Enuff- Apparently Chirac is kissing up to the mullahs so that French troops will not be harmed.

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