Hezbollah & Iran Stir It Up in Mideast & Manhattan

Hezbollah is warning of severe consequences if the US takes action against Iran.

The deputy chief of Hezbollah Sheik Naim Kassem, speaks during an interview with the Associated Press, in the southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday Feb. 27, 2007. Kassem warns that any ‘military adventure’ against Iran on the part of the United States or Israel could have dangerous consequences across the Mideast. The deputy chief of the pro-Iranian group also said his party would respond in the event Israel attacks Lebanon as part of the ‘aggression’ against Iran. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Hezbollah threatened that any attack by the US on Iran would have serious consequences across the Mideast:

The deputy chief of Hezbollah warned Tuesday that any “military adventure” by the United States and Israel against Iran would have dangerous consequences across the Mideast.

Sheik Naim Kassem suggested his pro-Iranian group would not get involved if the U.S. attacks Iran, but he raised the possibility that Israel might attack Lebanon as part of such an assault — in which case, he said, Hezbollah would “definitely” respond.

He said Hezbollah guerrillas were making plans in case Israel, like last summer, attacks Lebanon again.

“The resistance is taking all the necessary measures to be ready and prepared,” Kassem said in an interview with the Associated Press. He would not elaborate but said Hezbollah is constantly changing its fighting tactics so the Israelis would not know its capabilities.

On Wednesday… via Ya Libnan, the US accused Iran of training Iraqi Shiites to use armor-piercing munitions inside Iran and at camps in Lebanon run by the militant group Hezbollah.


And… via Babalu
Newsweek is reporting that Iranian agents may already have targeted the city for terror attacks.

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