Democratic Confusion Froths Over As Iraqi Plan Is Finalized(?)

After nearly four years, Democrats are talking about putting some kind of plan together for Iraq… which we all know has nothing to do with the welfare of the Iraqi people or the future of the Middle East. Instead dems are looking at the future of the dems and how they can best politicize Iraq to their advantage.
And, strange things are happening…

Right Wing News has a post up on the liberal Senator Carl Levin’s weird comments yesterday, compared to what he had said about Kosovo back in 1999.

But, Levin was not to be outdone by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and what he said back in 1999 (via the Congressional Record) compared with his stance on Iraq:


“The bill that is presently before us says that we shall not use elements… I do know and believe that our enemies will interpret that as a constriction on our maneuverability and ability to act. That is a dangerous policy. We should not be engaged in this conflict with that constriction on our troops. It is dangerous, in my opinion, for them. It gives to our enemy a false sense that he may act to the detriment of our people. We ought to reject this bill as not only premature, but as unwise policy. […]Let us be united with our President and with our fighting men and women in this important endeavor.[…]

It is absolutely unconscionable and irresponsible to be considering legislation which requires the arbitrary withdrawal of our forces participating in the NATO action against Serbia, as does House Concurrent Resolution 82. Such a course would hand Milosevic victory, confirm the genocide he has perpetrated against the Kosovar Albanians, and destroy NATO.[…]

America must lead, Mr. Speaker; we must not equivocate. Such a course would encourage the enemies of peace, the bullies of the world, and would surely endanger our men and women in uniform. As we enter the 21st century, America stands as the beacon of democracy, freedom, and human rights. People around the world look to our country’s strength in their struggle for democracy and basic human rights. We must not, Mr. Speaker, stand now in the shadow of weakness and isolationism.”

And, here is Steny on January 29, 2007, on the War in Iraq:

“We should begin the phased redeployment of our forces within the next six months.”

It still is just shocking how democrats shamelessly play politics with our troops in the the field.

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