College Bans Chapel Cross… Opts For Campus Sex Shows Instead

God, our Father, hear our voices,
Listen to our cry,
Bless the College of our fathers,
Let her never die…

William & Mary’s Alma Mater Song
by James Southall Wilson (Class of 1904)

The bronze cross from the Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary was removed after College President Gene Nichol ordered the cross removed to make the chapel less “faith-specific.” The chapel cross was removed in late 2006. (VIDEO)

A cross sits on a table used as an altar in the Wren Chapel on the Campus of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Va., Friday, Jan. 26, 2007. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)


Peter Robbio and Save the Wren Cross Organization report on the latest teaser from the College William and Mary

** The college decided that since the students were safely protected from the chapel cross it was a good time to put on a “sex workers art show” in the school auditorium!

The Virginia Gazette reported on this outrageous college “art” show:

WILLIAMSBURG — Topless women weren’t the only thing keeping students at the College of William & Mary focused Monday night at the Sex Workers Art Show.

Sparkling nipple adornments, feather boas, bare bottoms, erotic dances, striptease music and sex toys entertained a crowd of more than 400 who were packed into the auditorium of the University Center. Another 300 were turned away. The show attempted to empower the actors by portraying the realities of their careers.

Jo Weldon shared her story of how a stripper job helped pay her way through college and graduate school. She regaled the audience by doing a skit that revealed the questions strippers commonly face. She used a male student to ask the questions.

“Are they real?” he asked.

“Real expensive,” she answered.

Other performances were more risque.

A woman named Dirty Martini did a striptease. Weighing in at well over 200 pounds, she finished her routine wearing only a G-string and pasties.

Cono Snatch Zubobinskaya, clad initially in military fatigues, gave a theatrical performance that included a dildo shaped like a gun. Her anti-war message was that sexual favors would be given if “doing so can end the war. Just don’t force me.”

There’s more.

You can help stop this madness by signing the petition at the Save the Wren Cross Organization.

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