Christiane Amanpour Tragically Duped By the Mullahs

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour is tragically beclowned by the mullahs today.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour recently traveled to Iran and came back to report that Iran says the US is its “natural ally”Oh, and nukes are their natural right. Amanpour offers that the Iranian mullahs “do not want conflict, crisis or war.”
The Iranian regime says that we are “natural allies” and they “want to befriend the US.”

As Christiane was submitting her article to CNN, our “natural allies” were burning our flag at a protest in Tehran today.

Iranian students burn a US flag outside the British embassy in Tehran. Iranian students have torched British, American and Israeli flags at a rally in Tehran in a show of support for the country’s nuclear programme and a protest against the United States and Israel.(AFP/Behrouz Mehri)

Christiane miss #1:
Iran’s blessed nuke admission-
The Iranian official admitted that there was more to the regimes’s blessed nuclear energy program than lighting street lamps:

“We do not want to have to prove that we are strong. Our nuclear program is not to show the U.S. we are strong. It is because of our previous centuries of threats and invasions,” he said.

He said the need to show power was “just common sense after 300 recent years looking over our shoulder,” running through the list of those who have sent armies into Iran — from Alexander the Great to the Mongols to the Ottomans to Russia to Saddam Hussein.

Then he paused. “The one country that never invaded us was America.”

Isn’t it funny how an admitted blessed nuclear energy program is going to somehow protect Iran from future invasions?

Christiane miss #2:
The Al-Askariya mosque bombing-

The Iranian official told Amanpour this:

“We are natural allies. Why?” he said. “Because now the major threat for both Iran and the U.S.A. is al Qaeda.”

He said al Qaeda had attacked the “symbol of our faith” when it struck the Golden Dome mosque — the Al-Askariya Mosque — in the Iraqi city of Samarra last February, setting off much of the sectarian violence that has plagued the war-torn nation over the last year. Similarly, he said, al Qaeda struck the “symbols of American power” on 9/11.

Meanwhile indoctrinated Iranian students protested against the US today for blowing up the Al-Askariya mosque Iranian Fars News:

Wrathful students congregated in front of the British embassy building to once again show their protest against the destruction of the shrines of the Shiites holy Imams by the US and Coalition troops in Samara, Iraq last year.

Christiane miss #3:
How the Mullahs define peace and love-

Amanpour reports this:

I pressed him about Iran’s sudden interest in extending an olive branch. “Why now? What’s motivating you?” I asked.

“Peace for the Iranian people,” he said. “But not only peace, peace with security. Peace based on mutual respect, mutual benefit and mutual security.


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gives a speech in Tehran earlier this month. (AFP)

…Here is what President Ahmadinejad said to the congregation assembled in Talesh, Iran today:

Meantime, the president reminded that the Iranian nation favors peace and dialogue.

Also noting the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Palestinians’ occupied territories and the daily massacre of the oppressed Palestinian people in that country, he warned Zionists about their undesirable ending.

Peace with a twist.

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