BUSTED! Official Iranian Rocket Shot Is Really American Missile!

The Iranian regime announced on Saturday that they had shot a blessed rocket into space.
Many international news outlets carried this story.

Later… on Sunday the regime admitted that it was not really a space rocket.

An article from Iranian Bazteb News explained that the rocket launched on Saturday was actually a below-orbit satellite which goes above balloons but below satellites.
What made this Iranian space story humerous was that Bazteb News posted pictures of American and Australian rockets in their article about an Iranian below-orbit rocket!


Several readers, including terrific Iranian blogger Kamangir, noted that the official picture of the Iranian rocket was published in the Kayhan News.

Shahin wrote: Sorry to stop your laugh party but here is the actual picture:

This photo is identified as the successful Iranian rocket launch in the Kayhan News on Sunday.

But, lookie here…
The rocket shot is actually from a California anti-ballistic missile test that took place back in 2004!

An anti-ballistic missile lifts off Thursday from Point Mugu Sea Range, off the California coast, as a test of an improved version of the Arrow missile. (MSNBC 7/9/2004)

It looks like the regime not only stretched their space story but stretched their American rocket shot as well!

Here is the Iranian rocket picture copied and compressed using Microsoft PowerPoint!
Look familiar?

Sorry, mullahs, your space story is running out of rocket fuel!
HotAir has more including the reminder that Kayhan News is under Khamenei’s supervision.

Woops!… Those Aren’t Real Iranian Rocket Pictures, Either!

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