Blogger Conference Call With Ambassador Dore Gold

One Jerusalem held a blogger conference call today with Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold.
Here is a bit of an introduction to the blogger call today:

Jerusalem has always been at the heart of the battle between Islam and the West.

From the Crusades until today, expansionist Islam has understood the significance of resting control over Jerusalem. For them, taking Jerusalem is tantamount to driving a spear into the heart of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Dore Gold’s new book is a brilliant historical and contemporary analysis of The Fight For Jerusalem.

Dore has unearthed facts, quotes,and photographs that give positive proof that Jerusalem is a primary target of our enemies. This is a must read for policy makers, bloggers, elected officials, reporters, and everyone else who cares about the future of the West.

Along with discussing this important book, Dore gave his analysis of the situation in Israel, Condi Rice’s attempts to “bring peace,” the destruction in Gaza, Iran, etc.

** Please check out One Jerusalem for the audio of the call. Atlas also has a link to the audio.

Dore Gold explains why the battle for Jerusalem is heating up and what may lie ahead for not just Israel but the entire Western World in his latest book- The Fight for Jerusalem -available at Amazon.

The Fight for Jerusalem: how it could embroil the world in a nuclear armageddon
And how the Islamic plan to seize the Holy City and make it off-limits to Christians and Jews can be stopped

Soccer Dad has more on Ambassador Dore Gold including his comments at Human Events where he speaks out against the division of Jerusalem and the nonsensical peace-talk from the likes of John F. Kerry:

Much of the present critique of the Bush administration’s Iraq policy focuses on the need to ratchet up U.S. diplomacy in the Middle East. Diplomats, politicians, and commentators have been proposing a new policy of increasing U.S. “engagement” based on the assumption that America’s chief rival in the region — Iran — can act as a force for stability.

At the same time, there is growing pressure on Bush to immediately revive Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, despite the Hamas’ control of the Palestinian Authority, with full Iranian backing. In addition to the Iraq Study Group report, articles and speeches by John Kerry, Brent Scowcroft, and Richard Haas have all argued that a new momentum for the peace process — which could include Israel’s transfer of more lands to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority — would greatly contribute to regional stability. Such a “land-for-peace” swap, including the division of Jerusalem, undoubtedly forms the centerpiece of the final vision for peace that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice feels compelled at this stage to get the two sides to agree upon.

By offering concessions like these, Western diplomats are making a colossal error that could have devastating consequences. As I explain in my new book, The Fight for Jerusalem, proposals to “engage” radical Islam and appease it with territorial concessions in Jerusalem and elsewhere will not lower the flames of militant Islamic rage, but will much more likely result in an explosion of new violence throughout the entire Middle East.

Atlas and Anne from Boker Tov Boulder along with Ed Lasky from American Thinker participated in this important call today.
(I was pulled away from this call early but thoroughly enjoyed what I heard from this brilliant warrior for Israel.)

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