Big "No-No"… Egyptian Teacher Tells Students Jews Built Pyramids

The High Council for Egyptian Antiquity was not amused…

Egyptian holiday makers enjoy a ride on a traditional Nile wind boat in front of the Giza Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Feb. 16, 2007. (AP)

For some reason teaching Egyptian students that the great pyramids were built by Jews did not go over so well.
ADN Kronos has the story:

Cairo, 26 Jan. (AKI) – Egypt’s archaelogical sites authority has laid charges of smearing “the image of the ancient Egyptians” against a high school teacher who allegedly told her pupils that the pyramids were built by Jews. The High Council for Egyptian Antiquity, said the teacher who is employed at a private language school in Cairo had claimed that “the ancient Egyptians killed and tortured the Jews who didnot participate in the construction of the immense burial structures (pyramids)”.

“The theories of the high school teacher do not have any historical basis,” the High Council’s director, Zahi Awas said. “There only purpose is to smear the image of the ancient Egyptians,” he added.

Awas who said “it is well known that the international community of historians and archaeologists regard the pyramids as the work of the ingenuity of the great Egyptian civilisation,” did not name the teacher.

Sandmonkey has the latest on an even bigger Egyptian nutjob- an America-loving professor!
Evidently, he’s been sent to the mental institution!

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