AP "Swiftboats" the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth

It’s not clear what is more pathetic…
John Kerry’s refusal to own up to his actions or the AP’s refusal to write unbiased news?

John Kerry in Congress.

The Associated Press slanders the 250 heroes, including every single officer who served over John Kerry in Vietnam, in its latest hit piece against the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.

The AP published the Leftist talking points today slamming the brave veterans and POW’s who told the truth about John Kerry’s questionable military years and disgraceful post-military years.


Yesterday, in Congress, John Kerry attacked St. Louisan, Sam Fox, in a Senate hearing for his support to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.
The AP smears:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Senate hearing that began with glowing tributes to a St. Louis businessman and his qualifications to become ambassador to Belgium turned divisive Tuesday after he was criticized for supporting a controversial conservative group.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Massachusetts, grilled nominee Sam Fox about why he donated $50,000 to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth during the 2004 presidential race. The group of Vietnam veterans made unsubstantiated allegations against Kerry — then the Democratic presidential nominee — and charged that Kerry did not deserve the medals he won in the Vietnam War.

“Might I ask you what your opinion is with respect to the state of American politics as regards the politics of personal destruction?” Kerry asked near the end of the hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Fox, one of the nation’s most generous contributors to Republican candidates and causes, said he shared Kerry’s concerns that politics “has become mean and destructive.”

Fox said he didn’t recall who asked him to give to the group and blamed partisans on both sides for contributing to so-called 527 groups that are not subject to conventional campaign finance rules.

Here’s some news for the AP…

** Questioning John Kerry’s “unsubstantiated” account on the incident that led to his First Purple Heart is not an example of the “politics of personal destruction”.
** Pointing out his “unsubstantiated” trip into Cambodia is not an example of the “politics of personal destruction”.
** Countering John Kerry’s “unsubstantiated” and false war crimes charges that he made against Vietnam veterans is not an example of the “politics of personal destruction”.

Writing “unsubstantiated” claims against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is engaging in “politics of personal destruction”!

**** Oh, and by the way, I do not endorse the Leftist Line (John Kerry was “swiftboated.”) that the 250 veterans and POW’s were all lying about John Kerry.

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