Zawahiri Joins Syria, Iran & Democrats Against Bush Plan

Al Zawahiri joined democrats in mocking George Bush today…
And, since Al-Zawahiri came out with his bi-weekly internet video today denouncing the Bush Iraq plan, it forced the creation of this updated list of supporters and nay-sayers of the Bush Plan for Iraq:

(The nine Arab countries include Saudi Arabia and Egypt)

And, in Iraq, authorities captured documents that show that Al Qaeda terrorists (the ones who are not supposed to be there!) were planning on attacking inside the US.
ABC reports:

Mimicking the hijackers who executed the Sept. 11 attacks, insurgents reportedly tied to al Qaeda in Iraq considered using student visas to slip terrorists into the United States to orchestrate a new attack on American soil.

Lt. Gen. Michael D. Maples, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, recently testified that documents captured by coalition forces during a raid of a safe house believed to house Iraqi members of al Qaeda six months ago “revealed [AQI] was planning terrorist operations in the U.S.”

Hat Tip Cornhusker

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