Today's Liberal Media Minimum Wage Hoaxer

Reuters released a minimum wage hoaxer today.
The liberal media announced that the proposed minimum wage passed in the House would help blacks:

Proposed increases in the U.S. minimum wage would likely result in pay raises for around 2 million black workers, according to a study released this week by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

The Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives earlier this month approved legislation to increase the minimum wage over two years to $7.25 per hour from $5.15 per hour — which would be its first hike in a decade.

But Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked the bill, demanding it also include small business tax relief.

“Our analysis shows that this increase in the minimum wage would have a significant positive impact on African American families and communities,” said Ralph Everett, president and CEO of the Joint Center, a Washington-based think tank.

But, was this article really necessary? And, do blacks have a distinct advantage over other ethnic groups with the proposed wage increases?

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This chart of data from the Department of Labor data from the year 2005.
From department of labor data:

About half of workers earning $5.15 or less were under age 25, and about one-fourth of workers earning at or below the minimum wage were age 16-19. Among employed teenagers, about 9 percent earned $5.15 or less. About 2 percent of workers age 25 and over earned the minimum wage or less. Among those age 65 and over, the proportion was about 3 percent.

Less than 3 percent of white hourly-paid workers earned $5.15 or less. Among black, Asian, and Hispanic hourly-paid workers, about 2 percent earned the Federal minimum wage or less. For whites and Hispanics, women were twice as likely as men to earn $5.15 or less.

From the latest available data, a higher precentage of whites will actually benefit the most from the wage hikes- more so than blacks or other ethnic groups. All groups would, of course, benefit- especially teenagers.
So, why would Reuters release such a pointless article?

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