Talking Human Rights Never Saved a Gay Boy in Tehran

Talk didn’t save the Kurds from Saddam’s chemical weapons.

And, talk didn’t save two gay teens from the hangman on July 19, 2005 in Iran.

Via Kamingir, elitist* journalist, blogger and author, Antony Loewenstein, this morning writes this piece at the Sydney Morning Herald :

“Bloggers of the world, unite”

Loewenstein offers his latest Leftist views on blogging and human rights, including:

**It’s not unusual to read hardline bloggers calling for the lynching of “liberal” newspaper editors (Huh?… Name one! -Link, please.)
** Right-wing bloggers are mostly pro-war and Islamophobic while leftists are anti-war and pro-human-rights. While the “Right” urges jihad against “appeasers, traitors and liberals”, the “Left” wages war against anybody who encourages conflict against designated (usually Muslim) enemies.
** In Michelle Malkin‘s world view, shared by many of her persuasion, the mainstream media’s primary role is to unquestioningly support the Bush administration in all its war policies. (he obviously does not read Michelle Malkin)
**Tim Blair, one of Australia’s much-read bloggers (and self-described journalist), is equally incapable of explaining any issue without a requisite put-down, smart-arse comment or personal smear.

Putting his attacks against conservative bloggers aside, the most offensive line from his article is his claim, shared by many Leftists, that if you talk a good game that somehow makes you pro human rights.

Let’s get real.
There’s a reason that oppressed people from remote lands call out to George W. Bush for help.

It’s not because Bush is a smooth talker.
Talk is sweet, but:

* It didn’t free Afghanistan from the Taliban.
* It didn’t free Iraq from the Butcher of Baghdad
* It didn’t stop Hitler from invading Poland.
* It didn’t the Janjaweed from killing in Darfur. etc.

Talk may make you sound important but it never opened a prison door in Iran.

You can give a nice talk on the plight of Iranian political prisoner Ahmad Batebi
But, he’s still being tortured in Section 209 of Evin prison.

* A previous essay, My Israeli Question, by Lowenstein gives you some idea on where he stands as an idealogue:

“For too long, Jews have refused to take responsibility for Israeli actions in Palestine…In the few months, we have seen another war initiated by Israel… After destroying much of Lebanon – and Amnesty International said that attacks on civilian targets by Israeli military forces appeared to be deliberate war crimes – the world community has gained an even greater insight into the Israeli establishment’s mindset.

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