Surprise! Hezbollah "Martyr" Died After Being Shot in the Back!!

Clashes broke in Tarik Jdideh on Sunday, December 3, 2006, after Hezbollah protesters infiltrated the Sunni neighborhood. The Hezbollah members carried stones, sticks and knives with them for a fight that lasted about 45 minutes. Shots were fired and one Hezbollah member, 20 year old Ahmed Ali Mahmoud, lay dead.
ADNKronos reported:

On Sunday Ahmed Ali Mahmoud, a 20-year-old Shiite Muslim, was shot during a clash between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Beirut’s predominantly Sunni Tarik Jdideh neighborhood. It was not clear where the gunfire came from, officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said. The gunfire was directed at pro-Hezbollah Shiite protesters.

Ahmed Ali Mahmoud… Hezbollah had its martyr.

Lebanese supporters of Hezbollah and their allies hold the photo of Ahmed Ali Mahmoud who was killed during clashes which erupted between groups of Shiites and Sunnis, in front of the Government House, seen in the background, in Beirut, Lebanon, Monday Dec. 4, 2006. (AP)

Well, surprise, surprise!
Al-Menar TV admtted in a report on Saturday January 27, 2007, that Ahmed Ali Mahmoud died from being shot… in the back!
Al-Menar reported:

The Lebanese daily Assafir published a picture of an individual called Hasan Sidani, aFuture Movement official who owns the Damerji café, while shooting at opposition supporters, also near the Arab University. Worth mentioning that Sidani’s name was also mentioned in the events of Qasqas on the 3rd of December, during which martyr Ahmed Mahmoud was shot in the back.

Wow! Abu Kais at From Beirut to the Beltway nailed this back on December 4, 2006:

The Hizbullah supporter that was shot dead on Sunday may or may not have been shot by the Sunni residents of Qasqas. The area is infested with pro-Assad Ahbash Islamists, and I would not put it past one of them or some Syrian intelligence operative to have pulled the trigger—similar to what happened during the airport road riots when a young man was shot in the back by a mysterious bullet to turn people against the pro-government Internal Security Forces (ISF). In fact, and following the clashes, security forces arrested three Syrians who were throwing rocks from the roof of a building overlooking the area.

After all… as Abu Kais noted, this is not the first time that a Hezbollah protester has died from being shot in the back!

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