Sexually Assaulted Egyptian Prisoner Imad Kabir Convicted for "Resisting Arrest!"

Update: Rally in Washington DC! (More below)

They’ve gone absolutely mad!!

The Egyptian victim of violent police abuse, Imad Kabir, was just sentenced to do time for resisting the abuse!


Imad Kabir, the man seen sexually assaulted with a broomstick in an Egyptian jail by police officers has been sentenced to three months in prison for resisting arrest!!
The BBC reports:

Last year, Mr Kabir was seen in widely circulated footage writhing in agony as he was being sodomised with a stick.

His lawyer says the alleged assault came after he intervened in a dispute between a policeman and his cousin.

The incident happened in January 2006 in Cairo’s Bulaq district, but the footage, apparently taken by one of the abusers, did not become public until November.

The case was taken up by Egyptian bloggers and members of the international human rights community…

The defendant told Human Rights Watch that he had received several phone calls threatening him and his family unless he dropped his case against the police.

The video of the horrible abuse is posted at The Arabist website.
WARNING- It is very disturbing- click on the picture.

Things are so out of hand in Egypt that a website was set up- Torture in Egypt -just to spotlight the prisoner abuse!

More Egyptian jail abuse caught on film:
(CAUTION: Violent, 55 seconds)

And, of course, it’s not just men. Young women also get abused… Another warning for violence… Video HERE

Talk about perfect timing…
I just got this news from Freedom for Egyptians:

A rally organized in support of Egyptian Blogger Abdel Karim will be held in Washington DC. It is due tomorrow (January 11, 2007) at noon at teh Egyptian Embassy.

More details at DC Coalition for Blog Freedom.

The Jawa Report explains how jihadists are twisting this outrageous torture on Imad Kabir.

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