Senior Citizens Thrash Castro Supporters in Miami

These seniors weren’t up for any Castro sympathizing!

The Florida seniors punched, kicked and chased the Castro supporters down the street!

An anti-Castro Cuban activist throws a megaphone at a Castro supporter (L) during a protest to support Luis Posada Carriles in Little Havana, Miami January 19, 2007. Cuba said on January 15 the United States should indict Carriles, a militant anti-Castro exile accused in the bombing of a Cuban airliner, for terrorism instead of minor immigration charges. The Cuban Foreign Ministry accused the U.S. government of protecting the former CIA operative from extradition to Venezuela to face charges of masterminding the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976. (REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

The protesters warned Castro supporters that they can expect more of the same if they try it again.
The Sun-Sentinel reports:

More than 200 people rallied in Miami’s Little Havana on Friday for the release of anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles, waving flags at honking cars. Some of them chased after a small group of counter-protesters who fled the scene.

The case has galvanized an older guard of the Cuban-American community dedicated to discrediting Cuban President Fidel Castro and prepared to overlook claims that Posada committed acts of terrorism in his campaign to damage Castro’s communist regime.

The demonstration turned violent when two young men appeared on the opposite side of the street with a banner calling for terrorists to be jailed. Posada supporters ran across the street, kicking, punching and spitting on the youths. As they ran to their car, Posada supporters pursued.

Miguel Saavedra, head of the Cuban exile group Vigilia Mambisa and one of the event’s organizers, threw his megaphone at the counter-protesters.

“Those who come to provoke, we’ll chase them away with punches,” Saavedra said.

The Castro supporters realized it was time to leave.

An anti-Castro Cuban activist throws a megaphone at a Castro supporter (L) during a protest to support Luis Posada Carriles in Little Havana, Miami, January 19, 2007. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

But, they should have locked their doors!!

Anti-Castro activists try to open the car door of a pro-Castro activist in Little Havana, Miami January 19, 2007. (Reuters)

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