Pakistani Owned "Discount Mats"…Not Your Typical Mat Company

The 24 year-old Muslim owner of “Discount Mats”, the Milwaukee company in the news this week for their outrageous reply to American soldiers in Iraq looking for flooring…

We do not ship to APO addresses, and even if we did, we would NEVER ship to Iraq. If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq.

…Is also is connected to several other businesses run from a home in Milwaukee.

Miss Underestimated has the FOX News report on the “Bargain Mats” story.


Faisal Khetani, an American Muslim of Pakistani descent, and friends Sajid Nasir and Ahmed Bushra own and operate the following diverse websites:

* Building Muscle-Burning Fat
* Chicago Plumbing
* Plumbing Chicago
* Basketball Drills and Plays
* My Kitchen Backsplash
* Yoga
* Quality Discount Scooters
* Jewelry Spot

Faisal has also written articles on Muscle-Building, Fat Burning and Killer Offensive Basketball Formation.

And, that is not all!
Euphoric Reality reports that the websites are all:

1. Owned by Muslim men in their mid-20s, who live in the Milwaukee area.
2. Inter-connected and inter-linked to one another.
3. Four sites share a Paypal account under the name “Bargain Suppliers” (WLWR, BDP, QDS, DM)
4. Share same website template.
5. Identical configuration.
— generic junk content
— junk resources and links
— basic contact form (email address and message only – for discreet online communication?)
— email subscription form
— many empty pages/dead links
— set-up and abandoned blog sites

6. Jan 24 07: All sites changed WhoIS registry to anonymous registrant (with the exception of Discount-Mats and Quality-Discount-Scooters

There are no businesses with the name Discount Mats or Bargain Suppliers (or any variation thereof) registered in the state of Wisconsin. A search of the worker’s compensation database shows no company by those names either. It is not a legitimate business, nor does it have employees. Faisal Khetani is not telling the truth – that makes him suspect.

This is an amazing story!
You must read it all at Euphoric Reality.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported more on the story but does not investigate the story much further than the initial reports.

The Pakistani

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