Oscar Shocker: Anti-Communist Film Is Foreign Film Contender

Surprise Oscar contender offers profound insight into the nature of totalitarian systems and the human desire for freedom…

…And it actually comes from Germany.

The Lives of Others

J. B. Spins offers his own spin:


Last night I attended a screening of probably the best film I’ve seen about life under Communism. It’s called The Lives of Others, and to their credit, it was actually nominated by the Academy for best foreign language film. In depicting the GDR, it is uncompromising, refusing to romanticize any aspect of life in the socialist state.

“It is 1984 in East Berlin. The Communist Party rules through fear, using the Stasi, the State Security force, as their instrument of terror. Those of an artistic bent are most likely to be targets of Stasi surveillance, which usually leads to interrogation and internment in the feared Normannenstrasse headquarters…”

You can read more at J.B. Spins.
It sounds terrific!

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