Official Iraqi Totals Make Lancet Study Off By, Oh… A Few 100,000!

Remember the liberal squealing before the elections about a new “scientific” Lancet Study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health? Remember the nutty left defending the outrageous figures?

Do you remember… the Lancet Study that claimed that 555,000 Iraqis have died in the last two years since the group’s last controversial study!

** That came out to around 770 violent Iraqi deaths each day on average!!!


To put that in perspective, that’s like:

* 3-10 Hiroshima atomic blasts
* 6-20 Nagasaki atomic blasts
* Or 10 Dresden bombing campaigns

Or, that’s like saying “Carpet bombing saves lives!”
Hat Tip Eric B.

Well, the Iraqi government released their official figures today. According to the government 16,273 people died from violence in Iraq this past year.

That puts the body counters at Lancet off by, oh… a couple of hundred thousand!!!
That’s not even close!!!

Not a numbers guy…

Gilbert Burnham– gives Johns Hopkins a Very bad name.

Apparently, accountability is not important to Johns Hopkins.
The fact that anyone who could be that far off in their scientific study and still remain employed does not say much for the institution.


Jules Crittenden figures this is bad news for al-P.
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Don Surber breaks down the grim milestone.

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