New Sitcom "Little Mosque on the Prairie" Makes Terrorism a Joke

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred have the latest on the new Canadian sitcom…
“Little Mosque on the Prairie”
Hat Tip Larwyn

Here’s a clip from the new Canadian sitcom that pokes fun of airport security officials and Western travelers who are frightened about traveling with young Middle Eastern men talking about suicide!
(35 seconds)

Apparently, it’s funny that Western travelers today have to go through extra security because young Middle Eastern men are blowing up airplanes.
I didn’t laugh.

This “Protestant” video clip from the show had me laughing, though.
(24 seconds- Why did “honor killing” flash in my mind when I viewed that clip?)


The Canadians probably wouldn’t think that terrorism was so funny if those radical Islamists would have beheaded Steven Harper in Parliament as they had planned.

The creator of the show, Zarqa Nawaz, had this to say about why the new sitcom airing on Tuesday is a natural for Canadian audiences:

Nawaz, a British-born Muslim and mother of four who settled on the Prairies with her family a decade ago, downplays the idea that the homegrown comedy may spark widespread controversy.

She insists her comedy springs from a relatively uneventful life in multicultural North America, unlike Europe, for example, where relations between Muslims and the wider Christian community are often a powder keg. (Bad choice of words!)

“North America should be the first place where a comedy like this would come about, where Muslims can be comfortable in their own skin and questions of Canadian identity can produce a sitcom,” she says.

It wasn’t that funny when the public discovered several mosques in Great Britain were preaching hate today, either.

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