Libya Announces Plans for Saddam Statue – Iraq Responds

Libya announced yesterday that they would erect a statue of Saddam Hussein on the gallows. Flags were flown at half-mast.
MSNBC reported:

TRIPOLI, Libya – Libya will raise a statue of Saddam Hussein alongside that of a national hero hanged in 1931 for leading the Libyan resistance against Italian occupation, the government said Thursday.

“The revolutionary committees have decided to erect a statue of Saddam Hussein standing beside Omar Mukhtar on the gallows,” it said in a statement.

Libya declared three days of mourning after Saddam’s death and cancelled public celebrations around the Eid religious holiday. Flags on government buildings flew at half-mast.

Iraqi Barutha News responded…

The article may be in Arabic but you get the gist of it anyway.
(Barutha News)
Hat Tip Haider Ajina

Meanwhile… In Egypt another tyrant proclaims that Saddam’s execution makes him a martyr.

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