Jordanian Islamists Attack Hezbollah & Hamas

Several thousand Jordanian Islamists protested Friday after prayers.

Demonstrators in Amman January 5, 2007 hold pictures of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein during a protest against his execution. (Reuters)

Jordanian protesters shouted slogans against Hamas and Hezbollah in a protest Friday in Amman, Jordan.
Naharnet reports:

Jordanians protesting against the hanging of Iraq’s deposed President Saddam Hussein have attacked the Hamas and Hizbullah groups for their perceived affiliation with Iran, the daily newspaper al-Hayat reported Saturday.

In a dispatch from Amman, the publication said about 4.000 people staged a demonstration after Friday noon time prayers at the Jordanian capital’s Husseini Mosque protesting against Saddam’s execution.

The protestors waved placards that read: “Hamas-Hizbullah, cut relations with the Maigan state” in reference to Iran.

Another placard bluntly said: “Hizbullah and Hassan Nasrallah are partners of Sadr and Hakim in implementing the Shiite crescent.”

It was referring to Iraqi Shiite Cleric Muqtada Sadr, who heads the Mehdi Army militia, and Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, whose Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution sponsors the Badr Corps, accused of controlling “death Squads” that kill Iraqis from the Sunni sect.

The protestors also chanted slogans urging Hamas to “stop the pilgrimage to Tehran,” according to the report.

The protest against Hamas and Hizbullah was the first reported reaction against the two factions by an Islamist crowd in the Arab world.

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