John Conyers Calls For Defunding the Troops (Video)

Representative John Conyers calls for defunding the Iraq War today at the anti-war rally in Washington DC.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., right, speaks during a rally opposing the war in Iraq as Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens on the National Mall Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007 in Washington. (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)

The Huffington Post has Rep. Conyers comments after the United for Peace and Justice anti-war rally today in Washington DC:

I appeared today at the peace rally in Washington and want to report to you that there is tremendous energy out there. Celebrities joined many activists and Members of Congress to call for an end to the fighting now. There was a very big crowd on the mall and most media coverage has been pretty positive.

Jane Fonda returned to the peace movement, calling upon Americans not to forget the lessons of Vietnam. I had a chance to speak to Sean Penn and Tim Robbins, who have also used their celebrity as movie stars to bring the media focus to the growing anti-war movement.

PDA, Code Pink and the Institute of Policy Studies all made significant contributions to the events today.

Rep. Conyers calls for defunding the troops in Iraq today in an interview at the rally in Washington.

Video by Politics via Crooks and Liars.


Reliapundit commented in an earlier post that Conyers also called for the impeachment of Bush during his speech today at the peace and Marxism rally.

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