IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!… Burning Six Story Gets Nixed!!

Michelle Malkin has the goods on the bogus and outrageous report by the AP on the Six Torched Sunnis.

Her article on her personal investigation is up at The New York Post.

Looking at the Mosques in question here is what the MNF-I reported immediately after the supposed tragedy:


Soldiers from the 6th Iraqi Army Division conducted a patrol in Hurriya Friday afternoon in response to media reports that four mosques were being burned as retaliation for the VBIED attacks in Sadr City on Thursday.

The Soldiers set up a checkpoint near the Al Muhaimen mosque at approximately 2 p.m. and found the mosque intact with no evidence of any fire at the location.

While investigating the Al Meshaheda mosque, the patrol received small arms fire from unknown insurgents. The patrol returned fire, and the insurgents broke contact and fled the area. A subsequent check of the mosque found the mosque intact with no evidence of a fire.

At approximately 3:50 p.m., a local civilian reported to the patrol that armed insurgents had set the Al-Nidaa mosque on fire by throwing a gas container into the mosque. The patrol pursued the insurgents but lost contact with them.

The Soldiers called the fire department and set up a cordon around the mosque. Local fire trucks responded to the scene and extinguished the fire at approximately 4:00 p.m. The mosque sustained smoke and fire damage in the entry way but was not destroyed.

An alleged attack on a fourth mosque remains unconfirmed.

The AP and Jamil Hussein claimed that the Muhaymin mosque was torched to the ground.

The Iraqi terror website Al Basrah claims this same mosque was torched in December 2006:

Local residents during the night sought intervention by the US-installed puppet regime to halt the sectarian attacks of the Jaysh al-Mahdi, but their requests fell on deaf ears and on Sunday morning the Jaysh al-Mahdi gunmen and militiamen led by Jalal as-Saghir, the Iranian cleric and member of the American-installed puppet “Iraqi Parliament” (who also runs the notorious Buratha Mosque, where dozens of Sunni Iraqis have been tortured and murdered), renewed their assault on Sunnis in the area. The pro-Iranian sectarians killed 22 local residents in unequal gun battles and proceeded to burn down the Sunni al-Muhaymin Mosque, killing its guard and muezzin Shaykh Khalid Khalifah.

But… Michelle and Bryan Preston found evidence in pictures that the Muhaymin mosque is indeed still standing along with the other mosques in question.

This is a terrific report in that it proves that the AP has been publishing bogus strories about the violence in Iraq.

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