Iraqi War Vet & Amputee Joshua Sparling Talks About Getting Spit At & Flipped Off at Peace Rally (Video)

CPL Joshua Sparling, an Iraqi War veteran and amputee, talks about getting spit on, flipped off, and having cigarette butts thrown at him during a “peace” rally in Washington DC on Saturday January 27, 2007. (FOX NewsHannity & Colmes)
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Cpl. Joshua Sparling talked to FOX News tonight about his experience at the rally:

Cpl. Starling: Another veteran(?) with an 82nd patch on his sleeve said that I was a disgrace basically and that I had blood on my hands and that I had no right wearing the uniform. He spit at me.

Alan Colmes: Did you spit back?

Cpl. Starling: Of course I did not.

Colmes: That’s what the reports said but that did not happen then?

Starling: No it did not… That was the most angry peace march that I ever witnessed. That’s for sure. And, he was not the only one to spit at me either. There’s others but this fellow here was on the sidewalk with me where all the other ones were about 10 yards away on the other side of the road. And, they weren’t just spitting. They were throwing cigarette butts and flipping us off.

Brian R. Gentry was at the protest and YouTubed the rowdy bunch screaming at the counter protesters. Cpl. Sparling is seen in the video on his crutches.
Brian has another video from the protest here.

Joshua Sparling, 25 (center), protests against anti-war protesters in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007. (WPN)

Iraqi Vet Joshua Sparling & Freepers Crash Anti-War Bush Bash

UPDATE: ** Joshua Sparling is a class act.

And… HotAir has video of Sparling proposing to his girlfriend during a FOX News interview.

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