Iranian Official Jaafari Blasts Arab States for Violence in Iraq

“Iran’s deputy head of Supreme National Security Council for Internal Security Affairs Mohammad Jaafari” lashed out at Arab states for the violence in Iraq in an interview in Tehran today.
Payvand Iran News reports:

“The US wants to hold Iran responsible for insecurity in Iraq, while knowing it quite well that Iran is not accountable for the issue because it would not be logical for Tehran to support the Iraqi government strongly on the one hand and cause troubles for it on the other hand.”

He said that those committing suicide operations in Iraq are Arabs.

Has there been any Iranian among those committing suicide operations in Iraq? Aren’t those committing the operations from some Arab states? Those being behind the operations are from the countries that are the US allies but Bush’s administration is not willing to tell his own people why the youth from the US ally states are launching suicide operations to kill the US soldiers,” he noted.

He said it is a very difficult question which the US is refraining to answer and due to the same reason it blames Iran for insecurity in Iraq.

Jaafari also said this about the Iranian consulate in Erbil:

“I don’t know what they were looking for. The question should be asked from Americans. I too have heard the rumours that you are now speaking about.

That’s code for something, but what? Is he talking about rumors that the US forces are holding high level Revolutionary Guard members captured at the Erbil consulate?
We will find out just who it is the Americans are holding soon enough.


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