In First 100 Hours, Democrats Propose Ban on Oil Drilling

Here’s a shocker!
Energy independence be damned!

Democrats introduce plan to permanently ban drilling in Alaskan tundra!

Just like they have so many times in the past (See No Zones above), democrats are proposing another ban on US domestic drilling.

The democrats once again are going to ban drilling in the United States!
This time they want the ban permanent!
The BBC reports:


Legislation has been tabled in the United States aimed at making a ban on oil drilling at a wildlife refuge in Alaska permanent.

Wildlife campaigners are hoping the new Democrat-led Congress will adopt such a move, which has been rejected on several occasions in the past.

The legislation would make about 500,000 hectares of land along Alaska’s Arctic coast a protected wilderness.

In the southern US, democrats blocked drilling off the coast even though China is drilling for oil 70 miles from the US coastline.

This still is one of the best kept secrets in our country!
Thank you democrats.

Doug Ross explains how democrats will provide energy independence:

* Tax and fine oil companies, most of which are public companies and owned by any investor who cares to purchase shares and receive profits in the form of dividends. Taxes, fines, and legal fees are certain to hamper American oil firms’ R&D and exploration. Even a caveman can arrive at the sum of this equation: it will end up costing consumers even more at the pump.

* Democrats want to create yet another Government agency to create “Revolutionary Energy Technologies” (as if there aren’t already enough free-market incentives for new energy alternatives).

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Update: Beautiful- Ace says it’s “100 Hours to Fascism”.

Really… The only “100 Hour” surprise has been Barbara Boxer.

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