In a Ghastly Display… Peace Protester Is Tortured at National Mall!

Sadly, in our current “Culture of Torture” the peace and justice hoodlums who gathered near the US Capital with their duck and dragon puppets and cans of spray paint, could not resist the temptation to mess with the innocent mock-Gitmo detainee.

All he was doing was laying there reminding the world of the innocent ones at Guantanamo Bay, when…
Mob rule took over!

First… They rolled the poor mock-Gitmo detainee on his back…

Next… They placed the unsuspecting detainee on a slightly elevated board.

And… And, then they waterboarded him in front of the slavering masses who could not get enough of this sick entertainment!

Good God! What has become of this nation?!
(Pictures at UPJ)


Michelle Malkin has pictures from Tantor who was there to witness this horror.

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