Hrant Dink Killers Trained in Chechnya; Belonged to Islamic Order

Although this is not getting much play in Western reports…
The killers of Turkish journalist Hrant Dink belonged to the “Center of Islamic Order,” a radical Islamic group.

Suspected assailant of journalist Hrant Dink, Ogun Samast (L), is escorted by police officer as he leaves the police headquarters of the northern Turkish city of Samsun, 20 January 2006. The 17-year-old prime suspect in the killing of Dink, one of his country’s most prominent ethnic Armenians, has confessed to the murder. (AFP)

Panarmenian News claims that the radical Islamist killers of Hrant Dink were members of the “Center of Islamic Order” and may have trained at Chechan terror camps:

The investigators of Hrant Dink’s assassination was informed that a group of nationalist teenagers are involved in the crime. The criminal grouping was headed by Yasin Hayal, who was earlier tried for setting a bomb at a McDonald’s in Trabzon.

According to Milliyet newspaper, 17-year-old Ogün Samast, arrested yesterday over suspicion of Dink’s killing, received the gun from Hayal. At that both were members of the “Center of Islamic Order” ultra-right organization. The edition reminds that after the arrest in Trabzon Hayal shouted out in the court, “I did it to punish Americans. I’ll get free in three years and will blow up HSBC Bank and the Russian Consulate.”

Meanwhile Istanbul Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin told journalists on Sunday that the investigation did not reveal involvement of any organization in Dink’s killing. “The investigation is carried out in all directions. Presently seven people are being interrogated,” he said. Samast said he committed the crime because of the journalist’s writing. I am not sorry, he added, reports RIA Novosti.

International Herald Tribune says Yasin Hayal was trained to make bombs at a camp of Chechen militants in Azerbaijan.

Yasin Hayal served 11 months in prison for the bombing of a McDonald’s restaurant in Trabzon in 2004, the AP reported.


The Boston Globe has more on the confession by Yasin Hayal on his part in Hrant Dink’s murder:

A nationalist militant convicted of bombing a McDonald’s restaurant in 2004 has confessed to inciting the killing of an ethnic Armenian journalist last week, police said Monday. Yasin Hayal told police officers he provided a gun and money to the teenager who is suspected of carrying out Friday’s shooting, the Hurriyet newspaper reported, citing police records. The teenager, Ogun Samast, was arrested over the weekend along with several other people and has confessed to fatally shooting the journalist, according to a chief prosecutor.

The International Herald connects the assassination of Dink with Father Santaro by another youth in Ogun’s hometown last year:

One of the suspects, Yasin Hayal, an alleged Islamic militant who learned to make bombs from Chechen militants at a camp in Azerbaijan and who served 11 months in jail for the bombing of a McDonalds restaurant in Trabzon in 2004, is suspected of masterminding the attacks on both Dink and Father Santaro.

Like Hrant Dink, Father Santaro was shot in the back twice by his assailant, a young Muslim boy who shouted “Allah Akbar” (God is great) as he murdered the kneeling priest.

There has been a virtual media blackout on the radical Islamic ties of these young killers.

Police Capture Killer of Turkish-Armenian Writer Hrant Dink

Update: Azerbaijan’s National Security Ministry denied accusations today that there are Chechan camps in Azerbaijan.

But… Regnum News Agency is reporting this on Yasin Hayal:

Instigator of Agos newspaper editor Hrant Dink’s murder, Yasin Hayal, was trained at a camp for Chechen militants in Azerbaijan, where he was instructed how to make and use explosives, Schweizer Fernsehen channel informs.

According to the source, Yasin Hayal headed a nationalist group in Trabzon members of which were under age teens. Hayal reportedly trained them how to use weapons instigating them to punish “all traitors of Turkey.” According to preliminary reports, initially Hrant Dink was supposed to be killed in Trabzon.

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