How Stupid! Of Course the Troops Like John F. Kerry

Why wouldn’t they?… Who doesn’t like being called stupid?

Please correct me if I am off a tad on this one…
But, Wasn’t it TPM Muckraker and other nutroot blogs who cooked up that a photo of John Kerry sitting alone in an Iraqi mess hall was taken in January 2006 in England?
Here’s TPM Muckraker questioning the validity of the picture of JFK:

At Hennen’s site, commenter “Anthony” noted that the picture’s embedded data, just a right-click away, shows the picture was taken on January 9, 2006 — several months before Kerry botched his joke:

News accounts at the time put Kerry in England around that time — which might explain the giant Union Jack hanging on the far wall.

At PowerLine, another problem surfaced: As commenter “Angus” noted, the flag hanging to the right of the Union Jack belongs to Portugal, which withdrew its mighty 120-man coalition force from Iraq nearly two years ago.

Here’s the Kerry photo:

Well, it was a brave effort, but they were all wrong.

The picture was accurate.
Not one of the left-wingers apologized for their inaccurate photo conspiracy. Muckraker corrected his post but did not apologize.

Today… TPM Cafe is reporting on the same Kerry picture (Let it go!). Apparently, the picture was real, Kerry is alone, but he is supposed to be alone… It has nothing to do with his jokes!
In fact they claimed the troops “showed no animosity to Kerry.”
Sadly, just to clear this up for the folks at TPM Cafe and the New York Times- I hate to break this to you- But, the troops behavior had more to do with their professionalism than their feelings.

Here’s another photo from the mess hall:

U.S. Senator John Kerry (R) joins U.S. troops for lunch at the Basrah Air Station in southern Iraq. (Reuters)
Everyone looks like they’re having a great time, huh?

The New York Post also reported on Kerry’s trip to Iraq:

She said the soldiers see Kerry’s so-called fact-finding trip to Iraq as nothing more than a political ploy to rehabilitate his image in advance of another White House run.

“They’re not real happy that he’s coming over there because they think that it’s basically to get him out of the political hole that he put himself in,” she said.

The Massachusetts Democrat vowed before departing Wednesday on a nine-day trip to Iraq and five other Middle East countries that he would be happy to apologize to any soldiers he encounters in Iraq.

“For anybody who misunderstood [the joke] or got only the White House presentation of it, I’d apologize, obviously,” he told reporters.

That’s right, John… Put it on Bush!
Another, soldier interviewed on FOX News had this to say about John Kerry’s jokes:

US Soldier in Iraq: Also, Sean make sure that the American public know that these soldiers have not been duped. We knew exactly what we got ourselves into when we got into the military. We have a much more intellectual, smarter force today. These are soldiers that think on their feet. They have much more responsibility than the average American.

Sean Hannity: Do you say that because of somebody like John Kerry’s comments? You’ve heard those comments.

US Soldier: Absolutely, yeah. That’s why you saw that depiction from those soldiers from that guard unit… For these soldiers, that’s an insult. That’s an absolute insult to sit there and say to these young men and women and their leaders and commanders… That’s totally an insult. (They are) very, very educated. Some of the most highly educated…

It’s too bad that the left is not able to understand this.
Let me break this down for you…

When you put people down and call them stupid… then claim it was a joke… and then blame someone else for your “joke”, the people you put down and call stupid may get an attitude.

Hence, the funny photos.

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