Honor Killer in Qatar Pardoned for Strangling Sister

The young man’s sentence is suspended as long as he does not commit the same crime again within three years.
The Gulf Times reports:

The Qatar Appeal Court has commuted the three-year imprisonment sentence awarded to a Jordanian teenager to “one suspended year” for “strangulating his sister to death” as the upper court said there was no clinching evidence to prove that it was a case of pre-meditated murder.

The upper court’s decision means that if the convict repeated the offence within the next three years, the judgement will be carried out.
The crime took place on March 25, 2005, in what is supposed to be a case of “honour killing”.

As long as he does not strangle another sister, he will be a free man.

The accused told the court his sister died after she hit her head on the bathtub following a fall.

“She was standing behind the door. When I opened it, she lost balance and her head hit the bathtub as she fell.”

The lower court in its ruling had said that the victim “could not have hit the bathtub if she fell from the position she was said to be standing.” The lower court had observed contradictions in the statements of the accused and held him guilty of the death of his sister.

The first degree court had ruled that the accused lied to show that it was a case of accidental death, “but the court believes it was a case of premeditated murder, based on his statement that his sister had a telephonic relationship with his friend”.

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