Hillary Clinton Wants to Start a Conversation!… "I'm in!"

Terrific!… Hillary wants to start a conversation.
She announced today in a website video shot much earlier last year with green trees and flowers blooming… “I’m in!!”

Here’s a few questions for Hillary to get that conversation started…
(1 minute 46 seconds)

And, here’s a little background on those hot topics mentioned in the video.

And, once again, maybe Hillary could start out discussing a few of these prior records:

Here is a partial list of blemishes from the first Clinton stay in the White House:

* Number close to the Clinton machine who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes: 44
* Number of convictions during his administration: 33
* Number of indictments/misdemeanor charges: 61
* Number of imprisonments: 14
* Number of presidential impeachments: 1
* Number of independent counsel investigations: 7
* Number of congressional witnesses pleading the 5th Amendment: 72
* Number of witnesses fleeing the country to avoid testifying: 17
* Number of foreign witnesses who have declined interviews by investigative bodies: 19

The Clinton machine now holds the record for the administration with:

* The most number of convictions and guilty pleas
* The most number of cabinet members to come under criminal investigation
* The most number of witnesses to flee the country or refuse to testify
* The most number of key witnesses to die suddenly
* The greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
* The greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad.

That’s great, Hillary. Let’s talk.
The Jawa Report has its own questions.
Dan Riehl says don’t expect any messy conversations.

Update: Sorry Hillary… You’re no Margaret Thatcher.
Lady Thatcher was a warrior, not a cut and runner.

Fruited Plains sees “silliness substituting for serious political thought.”

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