Hillary Clinton & Code Pink Hold a Press Conference on Iraq

Hillary Clinton met with Medea Benjamin and Code Pink for a question and answer session recorded two weeks before the war in Iraq began.

My!… This sure is a far cry from the porkchops she dished out in Iowa over the weekend!
(8 minutes)

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Hillary to Medea Benjamin and Code Pink:

I admire your willingness to speak out on behalf of the women and children of Iraq. There’s a very easy way to prevent anyone from being put into harm’s way and that is for Saddam Hussein to disarm and I have absolutely no belief that he will.

I have to say that this is something I’ve followed for a decade. If he were serious about disarming he would have been much more forthcoming. There may be progress. We may be destroying some with missiles but there is no accounting for the chemical and biological stocks and I just respectfully disagree about what the proximate cause of any action that might be taken is. Now, I also believe that for now near twenty years the principal reason why women and children from Iraq have suffered is because of this man. His not only tyrannical and dictatorial leadership but his reign of terror against Iraqi women and children.

And, it is a very unfortunate situation for the Iraqi people that they have been so horribly misgoverned for so long.

… And, the very difficult question is for all of us is how does one bring about the disarmament of someone with such a proven track record of a commitment if not an obsession of weapons of mass destruction?

And, I ended up voting for the resolution after carefully reviewing the information and intelligence that I had available talking with people who’s opinions I trusted trying to discount and political or other factors that I didn’t believe should be in any way a part of this decision. And, it is unfortunate that we are at the point of potential military action to enforce the resolution. It is not by preference. It would be preferable if we had legitimate cooperation from Saddam Hussein and a willingness on his part to disarm and account for his chemical and biological storehouses. But, if we had a much broader alliance and coalition.

But we are in a very difficult position right now. I would love to agree with you but I can’t based on my own understanding and assessment of the situation…
(There’s much more.)

Now, compare that to how her story changed this past weekend in Iowa.
Via the AP:

“I have said clearly and consistently for quite some time that I regret the way the president misused the authority. He misled Congress and the country on what he was seeking and what he intended to do.”

Actually, that is from the AP article before they changed the article.

But, it doesn’t really matter.
It’s not like the media is going to question Hillary about this anyway.

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