Hezbollah Busted Re-Faking Fake Photos

Lebanese bloggers Rampurple and Jeha busted Hezbollah and Michael Aoun for pushing faked photos of previously faked photos!

Hezbollah doctored a previously faked photo to make it look like Christians were firing on the Lebanese military!

Obviously, it was a fake… just like it was before.

Michael Totten shows Hezbollah supporter and Christian leader Michael Aoun holding up the bogus photo in a press conference. Despicable!

It is interesting, though, how Hezbollah propaganda always fools the media and the nutroots.

Photos like the one above and stories of Israeli bombs make anti-Israeli Lefties like Fire, Dog, Lake explain that “Hezbollah, like Hamas, exist because of Israeli meddling in local politics.” It is all the fault of the Zionists, don’t ya know!

* * * * *
Here is another photo that a Hezbollah photographer just happened to catch at just the right moment!

Al-Menar news claims that Hezbollah photographers caught a Sunni sniper in the act in an article this weekend.
Iran backed up Al Menar’s story blaming Sunnis for the sniper fire.

Earlier in the week, Lebanese news reported that a Syrian sniper was arrested during the deadly Hezbollah riots last week.
(This picture was taken by AMWAR AMRO for the AFP at the January 25th riots)

HotAir has the video describing the latest fakery.
Ya Libnan is now carrying the story.

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