Former Duke Lacrosse Player Sues University!

Update: Yes… The Professor being sued is a member of the Group of 88 protesting profs who placed an ad in the local paper and posted “wanted” posters on the Duke Campus when there was nothing more than uncorroborated allegations last spring!

Kyle Dowd sues Duke.

More problems for Duke!
Now… Another jock steps forward and accuses liberal professor of flunking him because he was a member of the lacrosse team!

The News & Observer reports:


DURHAM – A former Duke lacrosse player has filed a civil suit against Duke University and a professor, charging that the teacher unfairly gave him a failing grade after an escort service dancer said she was raped at a lacrosse team party.

An attorney for Kyle Dowd, who graduated from Duke last year, filed suit in Durham Superior Court on Thursday. Dowd and his parents, Patricia and Benjamin Dowd, are suing Duke and Kim Curtis, who is listed on Duke’s Web site as a visiting associate professor in political science.

Curtis, who specializes in political and feminist theory, would not comment Thursday. Duke officials also declined to comment.

Dowd, who lives in New York City, could not be reached for comment. His mother, reached by telephone, said their younger son, Craig, was supposed to enroll at Duke last fall on a lacrosse scholarship.

He turned down the scholarship.

Kim Curtis is a visiting assistant professor in the Duke political science department.

Curtis has published articles titled “Free Speech Under Attack” (published in October, 2001) and “Rapture and Rupture: Ruminations on Enclave Politics, Political Oblivion, and the Need for Recognition in the Early Women’s Liberation Movement” .

Curtis shows off her liberalism in her oped published in The News & Observer in December.

** Surprise! **
The professor, Kim Curtis, is a member of the Group of 88 professors in support of the “We’re Listening” Chronicle Ad published in April (partial list):

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The History News Network reported this on the 88 protesting professors:

The statement spoke of “what happened to this young woman” (which at that point consisted of nothing more than uncorroborated allegations) and gave a message to campus protesters: “Thank you for not waiting” until the police completed their investigation. Activities of these campus protesters, as we now all know, included such items as the “wanted” poster and branding the team “rapists.”

Curtis is charged with “outrageous and unethical conduct” and the Dowds want $60,000 in damages.
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