For The 3rd Time This Week… UFO Is Spotted in Western Iran!

There are reports that Iran is mobilizing troops to the Iraqi border but the regime may want to rethink that.
The third UFO sighting this week was reported in the mountains of Western Iran today.

Fars News reports on the this latest observation. There is still nothing more on the UFO that was seen by residents in 7 cities as it blasted into the Barrez Mountains last week.
Fars News reports:

A radiant Unidentified Flying Object was again observed in the sky of Central Sepidar in the vicinity of Bouyer Ahmad in western Iran from 19:10 to 20:30 hours local time (15:40 to 17:00 GMT) Wednesday.

Witnesses told FNA that the object has been observed for more than an hour.

In a similar incident last Monday, an Unidentified Flying Object was witnessed in the same area and at the same time.

Witnesses also said that the UFO has been as big as a ball, with a yellow ray and a bright reddish color in the center.

They also stated that the object has been flying at a very low altitude.

Officials declined to comment on the event.

Also last Wednesday, a UFO crashed in Barrez Mounts in the central province of Kerman.

It should also be noted that Iran is currently battling a drug problem.

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