FBI Arrests 3 Middle Eastern Men Trying to Enter Miami Ports!

-Updates Below-
** Authorities have a warrant out on one of the three Middle Eastern men arrested at the Port of Miami!!

A preliminary check of the truck showed its contents did not match the manifest. (Local 6) It is very suspicious that the truck driver did not know what he was hauling in his trailer.
Two men were trying to hide in the truck cab from officials!

FOX News has video from the Miami Port area.

The suspicious truck has been isolated at the port by the authorities.


The Port of Miami is on heightened alert after 4 Middle Eastern men were arrested this morning trying to enter the port illegally.
The FBI is investigating.
The AP reports:

MIAMI – Authorities detained three men who were caught Sunday trying to slip past security at the Port of Miami, an FBI spokeswoman said.

A truck driver raised suspicions when he made inconsistent statements at the port’s delivery entrance, FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said.

“At some point he said he was alone,” she said.

However, police stopped the truck and found two more men in the truck cab, she said.

The men, all of Middle Eastern descent, were in the country legally and do not appear on any terrorist watch list, Orihuela said.

There was no immediate threat to the port, but its cargo area was closed while authorities used an X-ray machine to search the truck, Orihuela said.

The truck is a 40 foot 18 wheeler.

Another shot of the isolated truck at the The Port of Miami.

FOX News has much more on the arrests:

“The driver of the 18-wheeler was apparently asked several questions — we’re told routine questions — and at one point, he said he was alone,” FOX News’ Nancy Harmeyer said.

Police became suspicious and discovered two men hiding in the sleeper cab of the 18-wheeler. All three men are of Middle Eastern descent. The men were believed to be in the country legally and were being questioned by authorities.

“At this time we don’t know why they were here, what they were planning to do, or quite honestly even if the driver knew that the two men were back there,” Harmeyer said.

Two of the men reportedly are of Iraqi and Lebanese descent and authorities have a warrant out for one of the three, sources said.

HotAir and Florida Cracker have more.

Update: (4:20 PM EST) Miami Dade officials called for a Hazmat truck into the area. It was just escourted to the area. A press conference was pushed back to 4:45 PM EST.

Update 2: (4:30 PM EST) The Miami Herald reports about suspicious 55 gallon drums found on the trucks:

Authorities discovered two suspicious 55-gallon containers in the back of a truck operated by an Iraqi man who sparked a national security investigation after he was stopped from entering the Port of Miami-Dade on Sunday morning.

Miami-Dade County police’s bomb squad and fire rescue’s hazmat team were examining the 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck to determine what the containers’ held, police said.

Wizbang reports that all cargo operations were suspended at the port. The FBI is taking the lead on the operations.
Ace is following the developments.
Two Iraqis and one Lebanese man (here legally) were arrested.
Press conference pushed back… again.

Update 3: (5:15 PM EST) Press Conference in on…
The port is safe. Security inspection determined that driver did not have proper ID and was directed to get 1 day pass. During routine inspection officials found two more passengers. One of the individuals had no ID. The security protocals were enacted. The container was inspected. The contents matched the manifest. No drums on the truck. Security checks and balances worked. In the past an inspection that would have taken 3-4 days took a few hours to complete!
The 3 men are still detained and are being interviewed.
The driver said he was by himself.
The men speak some English- all three are non-permanent aliens.
The work for a company in Dearborn, Michigan.
It is still considered a serious affair.

Update 4: Dan Riehl notes that the media is calling this a “miscommunication” now.

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