Democratic Activist Defends Her Right to Send Crap to Republicans

The News Editor reports on this democratic dirty trick
Democratic vice chairwoman of Senate District 13 and former University of Colorado professor Kathleen Ensz went to court this week.
And, so did Mr. Hankey…

Her lawyer held up Mr. Hankey, an animated, talking piece of human excrement from “South Park” as evidence!

AP reports:

Invoking Thomas Jefferson and Mr. Hankey from the television series “South Park,” the lawyer for an ex-professor accused of leaving dog feces at a congresswoman’s office said her client’s actions qualify as protected speech under the First Amendment.

Kathleen Ensz faces a misdemeanor charge of “use of a noxious substance.” She is accused of taking dog feces from her backyard, wrapping it in a political mailer from Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, and leaving it at the Republican’s office, according to court documents.

Ensz, a Democrat, was angered by repeatedly receiving mailings from Musgrave, the documents said.

“What she did was probably crude and boorish,” Patricia Bangert, one of Ensz’s attorneys, argued during a hearing Tuesday, when she likened the conduct to a form of political protest such as Jefferson’s criticism of the King of England.

Bangert held up Mr. Hankey, an animated, talking piece of human excrement from “South Park,” as evidence of how commonplace feces is for expressing disdain.

The News Editor has more on Ms. Ensz.


She taught French at the University of Northern Colorado and according to the Rocky Mountain Times she was the current vice chairwoman of Senate District 13, an elected position within the Weld County Democratic Party.
CBS4 Denver has video on the drop.

The democratic volunteer stuffed the envelope through Rep. Musgrave’s mail slot:

Musgrave spokesman Shaun Kenney said someone stuffed the envelope through the mail slot in the door on May 31 and then sped away in a car. Kenney said most of the preprinted return address was blacked out, but staffers used the nine-digit ZIP code to trace it to Kathleen Ensz, a Weld County Democratic volunteer.

The local news channel is now asking… “Is mailing dog feces to a Congresswoman a form of political expression?”

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