Clintons Rap Barak's Muslim Training- Nutroots Blame FOX News!

Hillary is upset. And, she sure looks it. This was supposed to be Her time.

Senator Hillary Clinton (L) listens as Senator Barack Obama addresses a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington November 17, 2005. American voters have a chance to shatter social barriers in 2008, when either Obama or Clinton could snap the unbroken string of white men in the White House. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
(Umm… Nice caption, Reuters. How about not being so obvious with your cheerleading next time?)

Team Clinton is very upset with the recent Obama-Rama craze.
So… just as Barak moves ahead of Hillary in the polls this “outrageous” report on Obama’s Muslim upbringing was leaked to the press this week:

As Senator Barack Hussein Obama enjoys superstar status within the news media, a background check of the 45-year old Illinois Democrat revealed that he was a student in a Muslim madrassa in Indonesia and that he was raised by his stepfather as a Muslim.

While his defenders are calling this an attack based on fear-mongering, there are those who believe this is troubling news since Obama never mentioned this information in his book.

“It’s not about Obama being Muslim that concerns me. It’s the fact that he’s been deceptive about his religious and educational background,” says political strategist Mike Baker.

Most madrassas are funded by Saudi Arabia and are known to teach a radical form of Islam known as Wahhabism.

According to Democrat Party sources, Obama spent at least four years studying at the Indonesian madrassa.

While there are several stories about this latest Senator Obama revelation, many inside the Beltway believe the story came from Senator Hillary Clinton’s supporters in order to take the wind out of the sails of Obama’s fledgling presidential run.

And, no surprise, the reaction from the nutroots was predictable…
The nutroots are blaming FOX News for this horrible fear-mongering!

Obama Smeared As Former ‘Madrassa’ Student, Possible Covert Muslim Extremist

Let’s hope the nutroots are able to do a little better investigative journalism next time!

Here’s a hint: Check your own backyard first!

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