Apparently, The Media Is Correct… Abortion Is No Longer an Issue

** In the first 100 hours of democratic control of Congress, Democrats plan on passing legislation that expands federal funding for abortion and cloning. **

The media calls this a “modest proposal”! It is expected to whisk through Congress in the first 100 hours of the liberal takeover.

The Los Angeles Times gives a bit more detail on how democrats are going to increase abortion funding and give the green light to cloning all in the first 100 hours of their control of Congress. This is how they plan on passing their abortion funding legislation. Notice how the media whitewashes this controversial practice. I’ve added additional comments in parenthesis:

Democrats plan to liberalize federal funding for stem cell research, a popular initiative that was approved by bipartisan majorities in both chambers of Congress before the president vetoed it in July…

Democrats Promise: Promote stem cell research. (Adult and embryonic)

What it means: Increase federal funding for such research. (Increase funding for research that includes cloning and aborting embryos)

Background: President Bush vetoed a similar measure in 2006. (Because it was a right to life issue)

Prospects: The measure is likely to pass, but the president could veto it again. (Because it hasn’t changed. It is still a right to life issue)

President Bush vetoed this stem cell bill back on July 19, 2006 because it included embryonic stem cell research which “”crosses a moral boundary.” Adult stem cell research on the other hands, outperforms the embryonic variety of research. The embryonic variety is very controversial and continues to come under fire from even those inside the scientific community. The Anchoress has more on this bad science and Big Mistake.

But, apparently, this practice that includes abortion is no longer an issue in these United States. The media calls it a “modest proposal” and nothing more is said about it.

So starting tomorrow, democrats will increase funding for embryonic stem cell research- a practice that includes abortion.

And, America, you get to pay for this. After all, it’s just a modest proposal.

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