American on the Lam Discovered Blogging in Canada!

** An American on the lam was recently reported blogging in Canada! **
Hat Tip to Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

Look out, Kate!

You may recognise this lawbreaker from her picture below…

Yes!… It is the infamous liberal blogger Deb Frisch!
She violated a restraining order and blew off her court appearance…
Now the cops are looking for Deb Frisch.


But they won’t find her in the lower 48!
She’s blogging from the Yukon Highway and she’s Angry in the Great White North.

Here is a recent posting from her resurrected blog detailing her location:

“Tasting the Yukon”

We wanted the snow, and we got it;
We whooped and we cheered through the storm.
As the merc did its nosedive, we fought it;
Burnt oak and seared fir kept us warm.
We wanted the snow, and we got it —
Though only three inches did fall, —
And somehow life’s more than we thought it.

Quick! Someone call Dog the Bounty Hunter!

This may be a false alarm…
Great White North believes the blog stalker is still in country.

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