Your Liberal National Headlines for Today

Here are a couple of completely outrageous liberal articles from the AP today:

The AP reports this morning that…
Bush is “ignoring” the Iraq Study Group’s criticisms of Iraq war handling.
(Not that it would be an altogether bad thing.)

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Later the AP changed the headline to “Bush Pans Criticism Of Iraq War Handling” since, of course, he did not “ignore” the report or the criticisms from the report.

How many times has he commented on this “cut and walk” report already?
Around 43,000 articles are mentioned on the topic already.
In fact, Bush said that he’s reviewing the ISG proposals, in agreement with the ISG proposals, talking about the ISG proposals, etc. Sheesh.

I will tell you one thing for sure, though… The Kurds hate it!

Here’s another AP liberal talking point from today…
Congress limps to a finish, vows changes

But, a new day is coming round the bend. Halleluiah!

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And, get this first paragraph from AP writer Jim Abrams:

WASHINGTON – The 109th session of Congress, frustrated by partisanship and criticized for its meager record of accomplishment, ended with flurry of bill-passing and promises of change when Democrats take over the House and Senate in January.

Now, did that come straight from the democratic party’s website?

Does Abrams moonlight as a speech writer for the democrats?
I wonder how not seating Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan fits in with easing partisanship?

I’ll say it again. Republicams better get creative because they will never get their message out in this age of biased news reporting.
Let’s face it.

Powerline says “Find the Hidden Pan.”

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