Watch Out Assad! John Kerry Is In Town & He's Not Playing!

John F. Kerry is not playing wimpy ball!
And, Bashar Assad better not test him because John Kerry means business!
It’s peace or it’s more talking, Bashar… Nothing less, nothing more.
Because he’s John Kerry.

U.S. senator John Kerry arrives at Damascus airport on Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006 . U.S. Senators Kerry and Christopher Dodd arrived in Syria on Tuesday to discuss how Damascus could help bring about stability and security to neighboring Iraq. The two Democratic lawmakers declined to speak to reporters after landing at Damascus airport on a U.S. military plane. The diplomatic push from Congress comes on the heels of a recommendation by a bipartisan panel that the U.S. engage Iran and Syria on the war in Iraq.(AP Photo/ Bassem Tellawi).

John Kerry is actually the ideal candidate to talk with the Syrian Assad since he’s had practice meeting with America’s enemy in the past…

Senator John Kerry and Senator Tom Harkin, both democrats, during the Cold War met with the communist radical Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua in April 1985. The woman is unidentified.

John Kerry is in the region contradicting himself as he plods along.
JFK had this to say on Friday in a conference call:


Kerry, in a teleconference Friday from Amman, Jordan, was careful to insist he was not in the Middle East to contradict Bush administration policy in any way. But Congress does have its own interests in the region.

“The administration has their position, and it’s not my job at this point – from here particularly – to make comments about their policy,” Kerry said. “They have their position as the executive branch and we have our position as a separate, co-equal branch of government.”

But, this is what Kerry said to Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak on Thursday, via The Tehran Times:

Kerry met Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and said they discussed Iraq as well as the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. “I have always believed that the Middle East peace process is the critical issue of the region, and it has not been focused on for the past 6-7 years adequately,” the Massachusetts Democrat told reporters after meeting Mubarak.

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