Unions Release Outrageous "Would Jesus Shop at Walmart?" TV Ad

Update: The O’Reilly Factor is going to do a segment on this ad tonight.
Boy, you could see this coming a mile away…

1) Leftist Organization makes advertisement
2) Leftist Organization hires Far Left critic/expert for Far Left expertise/opinion
3) Leftist media fails to mention Far Left critic/expert is Far Left in Leftist Organization’s Far Left advertisement

Unions release…
Would Jesus Shop at Walmart?

Pastor Joe Phelps gives an inaccurate and false testimony in asking Americans “Would Jesus Shop At WalMart?” …Should you?
(Could you even imagine if a conservative group made a TV ad like this?)

Jack Lewis explains how the message from this anti-WalMart advertisement by union officials is misleading and inaccurate.

The AP wrote about the new advertisement by the union-backed group Wake Up WalMart, but fails to report anything on the misleading facts presented in the WalMart ad or the background on the pastor in the attack ad.
And, they sure picked a nutty spokesman in Pastor Joe Phelps to be their spokesman!

This is how a peace group described the pastor and his flock:

It’s liturgy may be slightly more “high church” than the average Baptist congregation and its social involvement slightly left of center. (I.e., more of its members vote Democrat than Republican and a few notable members have strongly progressive stands on social justice and peacemaking, but the church as a whole could never be categorized as politically radical.) Rev. Dr. Phelps is a convinced pacifist… Joe Phelps has been steadily moving his congregation toward greater work for social justice.

Phelps challenged Christian Churches who were raising support for Senaotor Bill Frist’s plan to end Democratic filibusters of a handful of President Bush’s most conservative nominees for federal judgeships.

A pastor at a neighboring Baptist church had this to say about Phelps during this episode, via ABP News:

Kevin Ezell, Highview’s pastor, was dismissive of Phelps and his criticisms when asked for comment.

“I’m saddened that some of these pastors that really, evidently, don’t have a lot to do spend time criticizing other churches,” Ezell told Associated Baptist Press. “I would encourage him to spend time reaching more people — his numbers would seem to indicate he needs it,” he continued, presumably referring to Highland Baptist’s Sunday attendance figures.

He also took issue with Phelps describing Highland and Highview as “sister churches” in the Courier-Journal article. “I would think we’re more like distant cousins,” Ezell said.

Pastor Joe even spoke out against using military action in the War on Terrorism!
BP News reported on February 14, 2002:

Should the United States be involved in military action overseas against terrorism?

The 80-minute panel discussion debate found former Southern ethics professor Henlee Barnette siding with seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. and two other panelists in support of the U.S. military operation. Joe Phelps, pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, stood alone in opposition to military action.

It looks like Joe Phelps is more Politician than Paster.
Pastor Joe Phelps is not your everyday Kentucky Baptist pastor.
And, Jesus is not your everyday WalMart shopper.

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