The Death of a Butcher- Saddam Hussein's Final Hours

A fitting end…
The Butcher of Baghdad dies in his own torture chamber.

A video grab taken from al-Iraqiya television shows ousted Iraq president Saddam Hussein moments before being hanged in Baghdad. Saddam was hanged inside one of his former torture centres in the final act of a brutal 30-year tragedy that left the stage strewn with tens of thousands of corpses.(AFP/Al Iraqyia TV)
Video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein **HERE**.

Update: (10:09 PM EST) SADDAM IS DEAD!! Al Arabiya TV, Drudge, and BBC
It was filmed!
Cheers in Heaven.
BBC reports on the news VIDEO HERE
The other two defendants condemned to death were also executed. (More- reports are that the other two had their executions postponed.)

Update (9:58 PM EST): Saddam has reached execution site! Al Arabiya TV

** The Death of Saddam Hussein **
Earlier post today- “Saddam’s Team Told to Pick Up His Belongings!”
It’s Go Time…

Over 3,000 Kurdish villages were destroyed by Saddam Hussein duing his genocide campaign against the northern minority. (

The first live witness against Saddam breaks down in court while recalling the horror from the former regime.

Ahmad Hassan Mohammed Al Dujaili cries while testifying in open court during the trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, December 5, 2005. (Stefan Zaklin/Pool/Reuters)
148 Iraqis were murdered by the Saddam Regime including children in the village of Dujail, north of Baghdad, in 1982.

After 3 years…
It’s not exactly a rush job!

America liberated the world from this beast.

And… A St. Louis man dragged him from his spider hole and smacked him!

Official Iraqi documents recovered after the fall of Saddam regime suggest a staggering 5 million executions were made during Baath era alone. Over 10 million were also imprisoned. They were all Shias save a small percentage of Kurds. It is also very interesting to note that after the 1991 Shia uprising over 300,000 were killed or captured never to be seen again, but there were no injured. (Brookes News)

The morality of Saddam’s execution.

The Halabja Gas Attack March 15-19 1988
Estimates of casualties range from several hundred to 7,000 people.

Europe, yes Europe, backs the “death sentence” for Saddam Hussein in a recent poll:

82 percent of Americans are in favour of Saddam’s death penalty, compared to
69 percent of Britons,
58 percent of French,
53 percent of Germans and
51 percent of Spaniards.

Only 46 percent of Italians support sentencing Saddam to death.

The BBC reports that one Saddam judge was told to prepare to witness the Saddam execution.

Wesley Clark “Saddam was unpleasant person and ‘cork in bottle’ in containing Iran.”

** The Death of Saddam Hussein December 30, 2006 **
The Iraqis suffered an estimated 375,000 casualties in the Iran-Iraq War. (Iranatom)

Wittnesses to execution have been called and are gathering in the Green Zone.- FOX News.

One Saddam past practice was to give those he hung a red card before their execution.
The judges have prepared a red card for Saddam Hussein.

Iraqis are gathering in Dearborn, Michigan at a mosque to pray fo
r his execution.

About 100,000 Iraqi troops were killed during the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. (Gurukel)

Jawa Report– Saddam meet Satan- Satan, Saddam.

Members of Barzani tribe, killed in 1983. (Roj Bash)

Iraqi bloggers Iraq the Model and Lawk Salih are following the historic event.
Mike McConnell writes about what to expect.
HotAir is following the death of the Butcher.
Michelle Malkin notes last minute court shopping.

In southern Iraq entire populations of Marsh Arab and Shia Muslim villages were forcibly expelled.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari told the United Nations that under Saddam Hussein, Iraq was “a murderous tyranny that lasted over 35 years.” “Today we are unearthing thousands of victims in horrifying testament,” Zebari said. (USAID)

Iraqi children weigh in on Saddam (warning: language 14 seconds)

Here’s more of Saddams evil… (warning: graphic)
-2 minutes 11 seconds-

Ace has links to streaming Iraqi TV.

Powerline counts the hours.
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RedState is glad- Unlike Rick Moran.
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Saddam evil on film… Tongue, arm, finger, hand amputations on video- HERE.
The Corner has more on Saddam’s victims.

Iraqi television aired video of his horrible crimes all day on Saturday.
The Butcher of Baghdad is dead.

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