Taliban Bombs Girls School Because Students Were Not Veiled

The Taliban bombed two different girls schools in the last two months.

The school bombed on Monday is a middle school.

A girls school near Peshawar where increasingly more and more girls are under threat from pro-Taliban militants. (Irin News)

A bomb planted by the Taliban went off outside the principle’s office in Noor Ali village in Pakistan. The Taliban in the area are upset that the grade school and high school girls are not wearing veils to class.
The Daily Times reports:


PESHAWAR: Men claiming to be local Taliban bombed a girls school in Noor Ali village in Darra Adam Khel on Monday night and threatened further attacks if the students did not wear veils. The militants also left Urdu pamphlets at the school saying, “Be veiled, otherwise we will bomb you again.”

The attackers planted the bomb near the principal’s office at the Government Girls Middle School. The bomb exploded at 12:45am, destroying three rooms and partially damaging four others,” political authorities said. The blast also destroyed window panes around the school. There were no casualties reported.

Now, the girls are too afraid to go back to classes and are staying home instead.
New Kerala reports:

Peshawar, Dec 22: The small town of Darra Adam Khel in Pakistan’s restive North West Frontier Province is now in the limelight for altogether different reasons.

Famous for its flourishing arms and ordinance industry, the town is now becoming increasingly known for attacks on girls’ schools, with the result that many female pupils are being prevented and discouraged from pursuing their education further.

“We want her to be educated. It is important these days, but we are too scared to send her,” says Azmat Khan of his daughter, Faria.

Nine-year-old Faria now helps her mother knead dough for rotis. She has not been to school for the last two weeks.

Teachers, too, share the same fears.

Surriya Bibi, 50, who until recently taught at a private school in the area, adds: “We are too scared to go back to our schools, even though we worry about the students who will suffer because there are no classes to go to”.

ANI adds that, “Over the past two months at least two girls schools have been bombed.”

Maybe what is needed is an Afghani Study Group?

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