Swamp Politics: The Democratic Coverup of the Foley Affair

** UPDATE: Democrats Shopped the Foley Story to Papers! **
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“The children who work as Pages in the Congress are Members’ special trust. Statements by the Republican Leadership indicate that they violated this trust when they were made aware of the internet stalking of an underage Page by Mr. Foley and covered it up for six months to a year.”

“Congress must not pass the buck on investigating this cover up. The children, their parents, the public, and our colleagues must be assured that such abhorrent behavior is not tolerated and will never happen again.”


Swamp Drainer Nancy Pelosi
Press Release
October 1, 2006

That was before it became public knowlege that democratic leaders covered up their own knowlege about the Foley emails for months, as far back as 2005!

The DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel denied this back in an October interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Glenn Greenwald wrote extensively about this.
Here is the critical point from the interview where Rahm Emanuel lies about his knowlege of the Foley emails.
(41 seconds)

(We’ll see how long this video stays posted on YouTube before they yank it!)
But, this past week the Foley Report indicated that Democrats, including Emanuel, knew about the emails as far back as 2005.

A CNN report indicated that top democrats knew about the Foley emails for months and did nothing until election time:

The head of the House Democrats’ campaign committee, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, had heard of former Rep. Mark Foley’s inappropriate e-mails to a former male page a year before they became public, a campaign committee aide told CNN…

The report released on Friday outlined how Miller received the e-mails:

* The former page–who had been sponsored by Louisiana Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander–was troubled by the e-mails. He sent them, along with Foley’s request for a picture, to an employee in Alexander’s office.

* The employee, Daniel Savoy, forwarded them to a friend, Kelley Halliwell, a former House employee who was working for a lobbying firm.

* Halliwell sent the e-mails to her boyfriend, Justin Field, who worked at the House Democratic Caucus with Miller.

Dean Barnett wasn’t fooled. (Via Instapundit)

Back in October 11 Republican Congressmen wrote Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Rahm Emanuel, asking them to cooperate with the House Ethics Committee’s investigation by appearing before the Committee and giving testimony under oath. (Via Powerline)

North Carolina Representative Patrick McHenry also called on Democratic leaders on October 5, 2006, to testify under oath.

Is this why Nancy Pelosi refused to take a polygraph test?

Democratic leaders were unwilling to do this.
Now we know why.

This is even more damning if it turns out to hold water:
From the Leftist blog Down With Tyranny:

Last June the current Emanuel-backed congressman-elect, Tim Mahoney, was a rich countryclub Republican and a corrupt businessman, Emanuel’s cup of tea. Emanuel, already aware that he could force Foley to resign, convinced Mahoney to switch party registration– although not values and principles; I mean there is a difference between Democratic values and Republican values… right?– and voila! all Emanuel and his stooges, like Steny Hoyer and Ellen Tauscher, had to do was drive the real Democrat out of the primary and clear the way for Mahoney.

And, there was also evidence that democrats had began to pour money into Foley’s district, a strong Republican district, long before the scandal broke wide open. (I would appreciate if anyone who has the link on this news to pass it on.)

Now It’s Official: Dems Knew About Foley- Waited Until Election
Caught On Tape!! Rahm Emanuel & Dems Lied About Foley

Udate: Democrats not only knew about the Foley emails since 2005, but a House ethics committee report says Democratic operatives pushed newspapers to write about the Foley e-mails in hopes of sparking a scandal before the midterm elections!
Via Special Report and The Washington Times:

Democratic campaign operatives pushed newspapers to write about then-Rep. Mark Foley’s e-mails to teenage pages in the hope that a scandal would emerge before the midterm elections, according to a House ethics report.

The findings were bolstered when an aide to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Illinois Democrat, said the congressman also knew about the e-mails, which were dubbed “inappropriate” by the ethics panel. Mr. Emanuel, who was chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) when Mr. Foley’s sex scandal broke in late September, had denied knowledge of the Florida Republican’s e-mails.

Rep. Patrick T. McHenry, North Carolina Republican, called the news “stunning,” and accused Mr. Emanuel of letting a “predator roam free” for “cold, calculated political advantage.”

Finally, Noel Sheppard discusses the media’s disgraceful hand in the Foley cyber-affair.
If you still don’t think the democrats used this story for political gain check this out.

Here it is- Much thanks to a reader for pointing me to this by Harpers Magazine and posted at Stratasphere before the election:

I’ve become convinced that was in fact the
case; indeed, several well-placed sources have told me that some Democrats—and certainly people affiliated with the campaign of Foley’s Democratic challenger Tim Mahoney—were aware of the accusations at least as early as late Spring.

It’s quite possible these parties knew well before then, and were planning accordingly. As Ralph McGaughey, a conservative from Boston, pointed out to me in an email, before the scandal broke, Foley was almost guaranteed to win re-election. In 2004 George Bush won handily over John Kerry in Foley’s conservative district, and the congressman’s last two Democratic challengers only raised about $60,000—total. Meanwhile, Foley was sitting on a vast campaign war chest and had a reputation as a formidable fundraiser.

And yet Mahoney has been able to raise more than $1.1 million for his campaign.

BTW: That’s an increase in donations by 1,833% over previous campaigns!

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