St. Louis Gets Slammed With Ice- 500,000 Without Power!

It’s 28 degrees outside and 500,000 are without power in St. Louis!!
KSDK reports:

Ameren officials said it could be days before everyone has electricity again. Officials could not give an accurate estimate, and say it could be 24-48 hours before they even know how long it will take to restore power.

Here is the local power outage map.
It seems like we just went through this!

We didn’t have the snow problems that others had this week…

Click on Photos to See All of the Ice!


But, we did have a little ice this morning in St. Louis…

Ameren Union Electric is saying it is the worst ice storm in St. Louis history.
Mid-Missouri got hit harder. Columbia, Mo., got at least 16 inches of snow.

This photo is from the local KSDK news website.

Obviously, I still have power, obviously… thank God.
Glenn Reynolds offers survival tips.
Respublica was not so lucky.

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